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Fibreglass around the Home

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With the constant worldwide desire to adopt a more ‘green’ approach, effective home insulation has become more and more important.  After all, a cold house is one that uses more heating energy!  Fibreglass insulation is an effective solution that can keep your home nice and warm over the winter.  But how does it work?

A man made material, fibreglass was created in order to limit thermal changes in buildings.   It is composed from thin strands of glass with a high area-to-weight surface ratio.  What does all of this mean?  Well, it means that it’s an effective, light weight and cost effective as an insulation material.

Initially it was actually developed as a competitor to asbestos, the most popular insulation material in the early 20th century.  However, when the dangers of asbestos were revealed in the 1960s, fibreglass became the go-to material, offering the same qualities without any of the dangers.

Why is fibreglass so effective?  Well, rather than being one slab of material, the way the glass shards are bundled together creates a more dense effect that the standard materials, ensuring that more head becomes trapped.  As well as this, it is also ideal for helping to reduce noise: ideal for busy office buildings in built-up city areas.

Besides its properties as an insulator, it has other benefits.  Unlike other insulation materials, it is non-combustible and non-absorbent, reducing any safety risks.  Also, it doesn’t wear out over a long period of time, meaning that one decent investment is enough to provide you with years of insulation.

How does this relate to home improvement?  Well, because fibreglass is currently being used in 90% of all homes in the USA.   What’s more, many of the companies responsible for the manufacture of the material are now working to try and increase the amount of recycled glass that is used.  One company, Owens Corning, began offering insulation in 2009 that was constructed using up to 40% recycled glass.

Interestingly, as well as insulation, fibreglass has also been used in other areas around the home.  Quite often, visual features take advantage of the technology by creating swimming pools, ponds, hanging ceilings and even spas.   Even décor is sometimes created out of the versatile material.  Shower trays, picture frames, stepping stones, fish tanks and roofing panels have all be known to be constructed using it.  Because of its eco-friendliness, fibreglass is an ideal material for the home improver who still wants to do their bit for the environment.

It is worth observing, of course, the fact that like all insulation (and other raw materials), fibreglass should never be handled without proper protection.  If you’re looking to have your insulation redone and want to take advantage of the potential that this material offers, have an expert firm install it for you.   Fibreglass is a safe and efficient way to insulate your home, but it’s not a DIY kind of job!

BIO: This article was written on behalf of Stuart Pease Ltd, UK experts in fibreglass construction.

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